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Our Price For Us Hosting Your System In The Cloud:

Purchase Price:
$55.00 per month for one user. Add $10.00 per month for each additional user. Add $19.00 per month for product support. There is a one time set-up fee of $70.00. You receive one free virtual training session.

Our Price To Install Our Software On Your Computer:

Purchase Price:
A one time cost of $4,800 for the first user license and $200 for each following license. You receive one free virtual training session. The first year of maintenance and support is free.

Maintenance and Support:
Nine Eleven Software Maintenance (SM), is a service offered by Nine Eleven Software™ to which our clients can subscribe. It is a resource that protects the integrity of our software and provides additional benefits to our customers. Maintenance ensures that our software remains stable and fully functional within your IT environment. Frequent software enhancements and upgrades are extra benefits for maintenance subscribers.

All software is sold on an “as is” basis and Nine Eleven Software™ will be responsible to fix all programming errors along with the items listed in the “Maintenance Includes:” section of this document. If your requirements are custom programming, training, or the services listed in the “Maintenance Does Not Include” section of this document, a $165.00 hourly charge will apply.

Maintenance Periods:
Maintenance agreements are renewed on a yearly basis. Clients are given the opportunity to either continue or cancel maintenance support at the end of the contracted year. Payment is due on the contract anniversary date. Failure to meet this requirement will result in discontinuation of all maintenance benefits.

Payment Terms:
Maintenance price is based on installed Nine Eleven Software™ products and is calculated to be 20% of the products current price.

Maintenance Includes:
1) Software Upgrades and Changes
2) Software Enhancements
3) Bug Fixes
4) Technical Email Support
5) Technical Telephone Support

Maintenance Does Not Include:
1) Custom Programming
2) Database Management
3) Database, Application, File and All Other Types of Back-Ups
4) Hardware Set-Ups
5) Network Performance and Configuration
6) Training
7) Travel Expenses